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H-Sphere 2.4.2 Release Notes

31 Jan 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Main Features:

- Support for FreeBSD 5.3 for non-CP Unix servers
- Support for Trustix Secure Enterprise Linux (Release 2)
- Support for White Box Enterprise Linux Release 3
- Updated perl to 5.6.1 for "RedHat 7.2" and 5.8.5 for "FreeBSD 4.x"
- Updated BIND to 8.4.6-1 (Included into installation only. To update, go to BIND Update page)
- Updated AWStats to 6.3
- Updated phpPgAdmin to 3.5.1
- Updated phpMyAdmin to 2.6.1-rc1
- Implemented Mail SSL
- Autoresponder enhanced with attachments and enabling/disabling the original message
- Added new qmail parameters section Bounce message customization in the Mail Settings menu.
- Added native language support in autoresponder messages
- Added limit for simultaneous SMTP connections from the same IP in the mail settings menu
- Implemented possibility to block IPs in the mail server settings
- Implemented Registrar log report
- Added AssureBuy merchant gateway
- Implemented new Custom Emails scheme
- Added framework for asynchronous TLD registration
- Added support for .co.uk, .ca & .de domain registration for OpenSRS
- Added framework for registrar domain transfers (implemented for OpenSRS only).
- Improved accounting process to involve only accounts to be billed
- Added syslog facility for rblsmtpd (a tool for remote black lists) to write output to syslog rather than the screen
- Introduced an ability to allow/prohibit getting server info for a particular physical server
- Introduced a utility to transfer DNS to MyDNS servers
- Added context help for clamglobal, spamglobal, helodnscheck, splithorizon and fixed for userchk qmail parameters
- Added "prepay invoice" to the lists of user emails and mass emails
- Fixed problem with merging the online_help.xml files in H-Sphere packages
- Fixed OffLogs tool to regenerate AWStats
- Removed MSSQL Manager authentification information from login URL
- Fixed query to identify MSSQL DB names in the UsageLoader tool
- Fixed preview in Custom Email Manager
- Updated the ip2country database: several images fixed for the Credit Card encryption wizard.

Mail Improvements

- Updated ClamAV to v.0.81
- Updated Courier-IMAP to 4.0.1 (includes courier-authlib-0.53, courier-imap-4.0.1)
- Updated SpamAssassin to 3.02
- Fixed Spamd and Clamd daemon sockets and placed them in the secure location
- Removed hostname from the spam and virus notification messages
- Fixed SSL issue with chain certificate
- Added support for Bayesian spam filtering in SpamAssassin manager with global "use_bayes" directive switched off by default
- Fixed spellcheck problem
- Fixed security problem for horde user
- Added context help for antivirus user preferences and corrected context help for antispam user preferences.
- Fixed problem with non-local domains for mail relay servers
- Fixed CatchAll resource issues: added antivirus and antispam check and added real user check in case with multiple recipients
- Autoresponder messages that use only ASCII charset no longer BASE64 encoded
- Added the Create resource confirmation form for mass creation of antispam/antivirus resources on the account/maildomain level
- Fixed issue with stability of the tcp server on FreeBSD boxes
- Improved communication between rblsmtpd and syslogd
- Added support for Auto Whitelist score averaging system
- Removed restriction on the mailforward subscribers list length.
- Implemented ability to remove antispam and antivirus resources with empty value of local.
- Fixed problem with incorrect saving of antispam/antivirus preferences
- Fixed problem with messages without attachments displaying incorrectly
- Added additional check on new antispam/antivirus name to avoid creation of duplicate resources
- Added check on necessary encoding of the autoresponders' subject and message
- Fixed creation of the .qmail-xxx file when creating the 'postmaster' mailbox and other mail resources with the same name
- Added ability to use spaces in the subject tag in SpamAssassin Manager
- Fixed setting of system default antispam check level value
- Solved problem with localized e-mail templates in case when client platform's locale was other than UTF-8

CP Interface Improvements

- Renamed the following resources: "Account" into "CP Account", and "Unixuser" into "Web Server User"
- Fixed context help in reseller plan wizards
- Corrected context help for the "Account" resource to use the "CP Account" name instead of "Actual Account"
- Changed order of items in the Settings menu and added asynchronous registrar labels to the list of customer notifications
- Removed disk space usage details link from reseller accounts
- Added possibility to open signup form in the same window, as an alternative to the pop-up window
- Added subtitle to the invoice which appears when account is suspended
- Added billing type info for monthly debit custom resource

Windows Bugfixes

- Updated AWStats to 6.3
- Fixed bug with logfile names. The bug stopped IIS logging in some cases.
- Fixed problem with using the name field from different threads that caused crashes
- Added a new locker object to prevent possible errors that appear when the GetName and SetName functions are executed
- Fixed computer name length

Other Improvements and Bugfixes:

- Fixed calculation of refunds issued on update to 2.4 for prepaid monthly resources
- Implemented a checkup for service domains for accounts to be moved between resellers. If service domain found, the account cannot be moved to another reseller
- Fixed problem with instant aliases that contain 'N' character at the end of prefix
- Fixed problems with the parked domains mail traffic not being processed.
- Fixed 'total amount' calculation on the bill display page for suspended accounts
- Fixed problem with the "Select All Tickets" checkbox in some web browsers in the H-Sphere TT System
- Improved calculation of reseller recurrent fees for changeable resources (MySQL, PgSQL quotas etc)
- Fixed problem with uploading Knowledge Base: syntax mistake 'confg' fixed to 'config'
- Fixed bug with parked domain in the TrafficLoader
- Resolved problem with changing the beginning of billing period after account has been resumed
- Fixed problem with signup when adding a VPS account to an existing one
- Added possibility to use custom templates when uploading pages
- Fixed H-Sphere installer to allow installing CP-only server
- Fixed bug with impossibility to create a new ticket for suspended accounts and accounts with negative balance
- Fixed Mnogosearch search.pl script to work correctly with latest Perl versions
- Restricted rules for adding IPs: it's now prohibited to end IPs with ".0"
- Changed Setup description for domain transfer and registration resources
- Added additional check to avoid problem with multiple instances of the CP servlet
- Fixed bug with getting default reseller queue which caused problem with accessing trouble tickets from the support center
- Added validation for registrar parameters
- Fixed bug with getting available locales
- Added registration renewal estimator
- Fixed problems with processing PayPal payments
- Added call of the trim() method to get the config properties from packages to fix problem with whitespaces at the end of config values
- Added restriction on ColdFusion DSN name (restricted space character)
- Added IPs with non-default Shared IP tag to Physical Servers List
- Fixed problem with getting admin account in UsersInfoExtractor tool
- Fixed Real Server Windows and Unix plans
- Modified Reseller signup to support affiliates
- Fixed bug with _ASSIGN_TT and reseller admin plan

H-Sphere Installation Updated Packages:

- hsphere-mail2-all-13
- hsphere-webmails-1-8
- u-bind-8_4_6-1 (install only)
- sqwebmail-5.0.0
- horde-2.2.7
- imp-3.2.7
- turba-1.2.4
- kronolith-1.1.3
- mnemo-1.1.3
- nag-1.1.2
- ispell-3.2.06
- webshell4.2.4
- phpMyAdmin-2.6.1-rc1
- phpPgAdmin-3.5.1
- hsphere-mnogosearch-3.1.19-2
- postgresql-7.4.6-1.i386
- hsphere-ftp-1.2.10-1
- phpBB 2.0.11
- hsphere-imap-4.0.1-0
- Mail-SpamAssassin-3.0.2
- hsphere-modlogan-0.8.13-0
- courier-authlib-0.53

Release Notes History

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