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H-Sphere 2.4.1 Patch 3 Release Notes

03 Nov 2004


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Improvements and Bugfixes:

- Fixed problem with saving custom antispam/antivirus preferences and using default antispam/antivirus values.
- Fixed problem with quota MAX in plan comparison.
- Fixed bug with incorrectly charged custom billing resources when changing plan
- Fixed backup script to work correctly on FreeBSD 4.10.
- Fixed 2CheckOut to correctly process payable amounts when "Use Authorize.Net WebLink parameter names" is used in Merchant Gateway settings
- Fixed script to use 'wheel' instead of 'root' when installing H-Sphere packages on FreeBSD
- Fixed problem with moderation of trial accounts in Signup Guard
- Fixed problem with signing up TRIAL accounts using SOAP.
- Added 'extra' information variable to Custom Domain Registrar email
- Fixed problem with incorrect transaction charge type and corrected total amount in the Credit Card Charge report
- Added parked domain mail traffic processing to traffic loader
- Fixed problem with continuous sending of VPS Init e-mail
- Fixed problem wtih physical removal of ColdFusion DSN record
- Added recreation icons to Reseller and User reports
- Fixed problem with the "Select All Tickets" checkbox in some web browsers (e.g. KHTML)
- Fixed problem with disabling CF DSN record in plans
- Added the "Account Settings" icon for all skins

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