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H-Sphere 2.4.1 Patch 1 Release Notes

21 Sep 2004


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Improvements and Bugfixes:

- Fixed the Mail Quota amount in the In Use field on the Reseller Prices page
- Fixed bug with disappearing account from the accounts table at signup
- Fixed problem with setting the Outstanding Balance Date in regional locale
- Fixed PhysicalCreator for mail resources
- Fixed problem with the list of mail objects related to incorrectly converted antispam and antivirus resources
- Fixed problem with creating Windows demo accounts through SOAP
- Changed the display of outflow and inflow amount in the Billing Entries report
- Solved problems with button appearance of the "CC Encryption Wizard" pages in XPressia designs
- Fixed problem with loading new custom e-mail messages. They are now automatically loaded from the appropriate template on demand
- Fixed code which resolves duplication of jobs/job groups when registering background jobs in the Background Job Manager
- Added corrections to the "Customer accounts" values in reseller plan's Plan Comparator
- Fixed YAFV validation to work correctly on the Konqueror and Safary browsers
- Added possibility to avoid creation of the 'wwwuser' during install if DNS, web and mail servers are not used
- Added utility to fix double init resources for E-Mail Only plans
- Extended error debug information at signup through SOAP
- Moved AWstats cron from crontab to cron_rotate.pl cron after log rotation procedure
- Fixed possible problems with the "rmdir" command on FreeBSD
- Removed redundand SSL settings from the insecure section of the reseller virtual host config
- Fixed code to remove the remains of the shared ssl records for deleted servers
- Added a new SOAP method (checkUser(AuthToken at, String login)) to check if H-Sphere user exists
- Added additional check for already deleted mail resources

Webmail Bugfixes:
- Fixed permissions of the sqwebmail cache directory
- Improved the configuration of horde add-ons
- Resolved unstability problem of sqwebmail_riwos-1.3 on FreeBSD OS by roll-back to the latest sqwebmail-4.0.7

Windows Bugfixes:
- Fixed the problem with access to Webshell4 when Serv-U FTP is used
- Fixed the spelling error in the htaccess "Unauthorized error page"

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