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H-Sphere 2.4.1 Release Notes

09 Sep 2004


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.


- Added missing template "common/design/left.html" to fix appearance of the "Compare Plans" page
- Improved mail manager with synchronization added to prevent situation with double emails
- Added reseller admin plan access fix to reseller change plan procedure to avoid problems with creating reseller's admin account
- Added character '+' to set available characters in "Redirect URL path"
- Fixed problem in the "Disk Usage Details" feature with parsing "from" and "to" dates when a non-US locale is set in the system
- Fixed problem with DailyReport getting only one bill while there were more than one bill available for the same date
- Implemented transfer process suspension and generation of a trouble ticket if a transfer process fails at a stage of getting resources info
- Implemented ability to add DNS zone after signup for VPS accounts
- MSSQLUID and MSSQLPWD parameters are skipped during DSN record update
Solved problem with "Custom E-mail messages" which are used in "Mass mail notifications". Missing properties "toolbox", "bill" and "current_date" were added to "template root" for mass mail template processing. Added attribute "massmail_applicable" to the "user_emails.xml" configurator in order to specify the Custom E-Mail messages which can be used in "mass mail notifications"
- Corrected several labels

Windows Bugfixes:

- Replaced Blank page with error message when authorization is denied by folder protection feature
- Fixed the possible access violation error places
- Fixed problem with htaccess filter ignoring the .htprotect file which disabled autorization feature
- Fixed bug that created unwanted AWStats archive file in the user's home directory

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