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H-Sphere 2.5.1 Beta 2 (Private Build 802) Release Notes

Under Private Testing


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This version is a private release for beta testers. This version is not recommended for production servers! Please refer to the latest stable version.
Note for beta testers: Please report all bugs and issues to our Bugzilla system. Please send info on successful installation/upgrade to bugreport@psoft.net.


New Features and Improvements

  • Single Server Edition: H-Sphere installation mode with a special license type for preparing a typical single server H-Sphere installation to be later resold and installed across a datacenter.
  • Simplified reseller:
    • Now resellers will automatically obtain both administrative and user accounts upon signup.
    • Markup Plans: plans created by H-Sphere admin with predefined resources and prices and resold by resellers who can only change retail prices.
  • Implemented advanced scheme of H-Sphere installation and update:
    • Now both H-Sphere installation and update is performed by a common install/update script.
    • Regular H-Sphere installation is now performed in 3 stages:
      1. CP installation: installing CP related packages and the system database
      2. Running H-Sphere Pre-Configuration Wizard in CP to configure H-Sphere cluster.
      3. Running post installation to install all packages across the cluster according to pre-configuration.
    • Updater improvements:
      • introduced new update modes and options
      • thoroughful pre-installation check when adding new servers.
      • non-interactive mode with automatic conflict resolution.
  • Implemented multiple domains migration for one user, added context for ftp subaccount because ftp subaccounts belong to user, not to domain in migration xml structure.


  • hsphere-core-2.5.1_802


  • Fixes related to the TroubleTicketAdmin class:
    • Fixes to the methods canViewTicket() and isSubscribed() to avoid exceptions
    • Code cleanup
  • Corrected function that adds billing period based debit
  • Fixed validation message for ftp subaccount addition
  • Problem with the MS Exchange domain name validation has been fixed
  • Minor design fixes
  • Problem setting mailstore and public store quotas has been fixed
  • Problem with the empty values in the signup request has been fixed
  • Corrected suspendMailDomain and resumeMailDomain methods - added shellQuote usage for domainName param
  • Added support of ISPMailDomain in suspend/resume procedures and others. Corrected code structure.
  • Corrected params passing, added MailService. ShellQuota usage for all methods
  • Minor fixes to the problems with pricing in Dedicated Servers.
  • Problem with changing business user password has been fixed
  • Prevented NullPointerException while loading dedicated server in case server has templateId of not existing dedicated server template
  • Other minor fixes


New Features and Improvements

  • Added PHP 5.1.4 support
  • Now during enabling ASP.Net, H-Sphere fixes machine.config by changing allowDefinition to MachineOnly for identity section and adding identity impersonate='false' node. If there is .net framework 2.0 installed, H-Sphere also fixes web.config (in .net configuration directory) by removing identity node.


  • Fixed the issue with install/update if SharePoint is not installed; fixed Web.config template files for (Admin.Layout,Site)
  • Fixed bug with creating empty parameters in hsphere.config
  • Fixed bug with converting existing ftp subaccounts to full ftp acccount during upgrade from previous version
  • Fixed bug with starting hssvc service
  • Changed php search logic in WebShell installer - now php4 is more preferrable than php5
  • Fixed problem with webshell working incorrectly after upgrade procedure
  • Changed php.ini creation method for webshell so that it can work correctly with PHP 5.X

Release Notes History

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