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H-Sphere Single Server Edition 3.0 Patch 6 Release Notes

13 Sep 2007


H-Sphere SSE 3.0 Patch 6 is the latest stable version.

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  • Fixed the problem which prevented end users from activating EasyApp applications
  • Fixed the issue when epp_key field wasn't displayed for all tlds in the domain transfer wizard
  • Fixed Comodo SSL certificates renewal
  • Removed all tlds registered with AllDomains or Email registrars from Domain transfer in signup
  • Fixed bug when psoft.hsphere.tools.OffLogs repeats the job as many times as there are ftp subaccounts on each account plus one
  • Corrected usage of the hyphen symbol (-) in email address validation for badrcptto, badmailfrom, badmailfrom-unknown parameters.
  • The registered_for parameter was made mandatory for co.uk registrations during signup
  • Corrected validation for rblhosts qmail parameter
  • Resolved postgresql disk usage calculation
  • Fixed the problem with editing of mailing list description

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