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H-Sphere Single Server Edition 3.0 Patch 5 Release Notes

03 Sep 2007


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  • Added catchall and rejectdiscardedmail to Qmail Parameters
  • Added MAXSAMSGSIZE mail relay param
  • Changed processing of authsender and rblhosts qmail params
  • In CP interface added ability to enable DNSBL, which supports "A" DNS records


  • Added new extra parameter (domain transfer authorization password) for "au" and "nz" domains
  • Changed cache scheme for AdvReports
  • Added 2 Protx fields (BillingAddress and BillingPostCode) into the payment request
  • Solved problem in Reseller plan wizard/editor when some account prices disappeared in case the latest global resource on the page is entirely disabled
  • Corrected .qmail-filename file generation in case when mailbox Discard All Incoming Mail option
  • Resolved problem with ResellerCron unable to add refund bill entry to reseller's bill
  • Resolved problem when quota couldn't be refreshed for MailQuota resource after plan change
  • Implemented ability to disable phpBB by means of Globals
  • Added easyapp.desc resource string to bundles
  • Disabled SMTP AUTH access for suspended domains
  • Solved problem with getting page with incorrect color scheme when using feature "Remind forgotten password"
  • Changed abbreviation of Newfoundland & Labrador state of Canada from NL to NF
  • Solved problem with disabling "email notifications" when submitting "globals"
  • Fixed problem with reseller unable to switch back to use parent host ComodoSSL account.
  • Fixed webmaster discard option creation
  • Added code which sets resource billing calculators to MarkupPlanWIzard.
  • Fixed problem with template error when changing IP to dedicated from the Websettings page.
  • Added OsCommerce dependices from php3 resource
  • Added getDescription method to EasyAppResource
  • Added shellQuote function usage for all string variables. Corrected Iris code
  • Removed backquote (`) symbol from email validation rules
  • Improved validation for windows web directory
  • Fixed problem setting quota on NetApp
  • Added robots.txt files
  • Fixed problem with importing knowledgebase
  • Corrected typo from 'plase' to 'please'

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