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H-Sphere Single Server Edition 3.0 Patch 4 Release Notes

09 Aug 2007


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  • Added ability to disable Throttle and Catch All resources in the Globals menu
  • Added new extra parameter Domain transfer authorization password for "au" and "nz" domains
  • Added an ability to suspend/resume mailing lists when suspending/resuming accounts
  • Fixed problem with getting plan list for XML API
  • Modified resource confirmation to include the full CC charge, not only current billing statement amount
  • Removed payment URL from billing statement, invoice and prepayment order confirmation for trial account
  • Corrected mail domain removal: added cleaning of mailobject table
  • Fixed Java script error on the Start Content Move page which occured in IE7
  • Renamed FTP Sub-account resource into Sub Account
  • Fixed changing the activate property in the Plan Wizard
  • Fixed the postmaster Discard incoming email option
  • With a bug with the Server Info page
  • Changed the sanetcheck qmail paramater description
  • Changed logic of operations with XML-based plan editors
  • Fixed traffic calculation for large (1 TB and up) traffic amounts
  • Added a tool for changing payment type for deleted accounts. All payment types are changed to "Check" and credit card info is removed from deleted account's XML
  • Web Payments: added several small changes to speed up response on payment notification
  • Fixed problem with incorrect link to user login CP page
  • Improved chkupdtpackage script to work properly with oscode
  • Fixed MarkupResourceType loader
  • Resolved NullPointerException problem when save request with _bi_cc_number and _bi_cc_cvv is null in request
  • Fixed Task Updated Notification where variables were not initialized
  • Added possibility to add cgi-bin automatically and estimate Billing Statement when enabling AWStats
  • Added missing template to delete Private Message in Trouble Ticket system

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