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H-Sphere Single Server Edition 3.0 Patch 3 Release Notes

20 Jun 2007


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  • Resolved a potential security hole with the possibility to change the permissions under the 'httpd' user on the home directory
  • Fixed restoring StorableCaches after a CP restart
  • Moved back the MAX value per MailQuota resource
  • Corrected invoice drawing for a credit card usage case
  • Updated the copyright info
  • Fixed the osCommerce config template: removed hard-coded data
  • Prevented NullPointerException while loading a plan
  • Corrected the .qmail config file creation for autoresponder
  • Resolved a problem with possible XSS in the 'redirectURL' parameter
  • Added a converter that will be used to fix win based plans and unixsub user related resources
  • Changed the NFUCache growable mechanism
  • Separated caches for Plan and ResourceTypes
  • Fixed a problem with getting the xml config file for Ensim migration
  • Added mod signup to the mail_domain resource
  • Fixed problem with disappearing of reseller prices
  • Billing:
    • resolved a problem with correct rolling back in the resource change procedure (e.g increasing quota) if the system is unable to charge a credit card
    • resolved a problem with rounding prices if a plan change occurs in the same day as the signup
    • fixed Quota like resources description
    • resolved the problem with inability to refund a reseller recurrent fee
    • when opening a billing period and changing a plan older resources, rather than newer ones, are now billed as free
    • added a fix to refund the whole charged amount if a resource lives less than one day
    • now when an account is deleted, info about it stored with only "Check" payment type
    • Fixed problem with payment links (if the web payment system is selected in the user billing profile) in Prepaid Invoice mass mail notification template
    • Fixed billing scheme to automatically increase the limits of Traffic and Summary Disk Usage resources to respective free amount values .
    • Fixed a billing problem that happens when a domain is renewed and the authorization request throws an exception
    • Corrected function that adds billing period based debit
  • H-Sphere XML API:
    • Fixed creating new reseller accounts under the new simplified resellers scheme
    • Fixed a problem with getting reseller name in the "search reseller users" report
    • Fixed problem in the signupUser XML API method to prevent null point exception if otherParams is null.
    • Added XML API methods for removal of AntiSpam and AntiVirus resources
    • Added arguments validation for XML API methods
  • Markup plans:
    • fixed a problem with saving markup plans' own values
    • fixed an error with getting the list of possible base plans and getting a base plan
    • resolved the problem with vps plans not working
  • Merchant gateways:
    • updated the Protx merchant gateway code
    • fixed the Paradata merchant gateway
  • Fixed bug with not refunded money for incompatible resources deleted during a planchange.
  • Fixes related to the TroubleTicketAdmin class:
    • Fixes to the methods canViewTicket() and isSubscribed() to avoid exceptions
    • Code cleanup
  • Qmail configuration:
    • Added qmail server restart upon changing the "periplimit" parameter
    • Removed expired badurls and urlscnt qmail options
    • Corrected initialization of qmail parametres
  • Change scheme of user authorization token generation. Now it is based on unique Control Panel key to avoid casual access to another CP by the same username/password.
  • Fixed a problem when admin is unable to deactivate an init resource in plan edit wizard if the mod section of the plan's xml file contains the resource description depended on a currently disabled resource
  • SSH Manager should be displayed in the menu only if reseller_su resource is available in the admin plan
  • Security fixes to prevent reseller access to some features using URL parameters (access beyond standard CP interface).
  • Redesigned the warning page for changing plan to highlight incompatible resources to be removed.
  • Restricted the access to the admin_settings.html page for reseller
  • Fixed incorrect error status code processing in the HS update wrapper.
  • Fixed problem with sending empty domains list in the "failed renewal" email notification.
  • Added old-platform option which allows to update deprecated OS packages (according to H-Sphere Services EOL) to the latest possible package version (temporarily)
  • Mail ssl certificate removal substituted with making the certificate backup
  • Fixed problem getting Home Location (WinUserResource.physicalCreate method)
  • Added custom mail relay parametres error processing
  • Fixed problem getting currentExpirationDate in the renew method
  • Fixed problem with converting localized amounts included into merchant gateways' payment redirect links
  • Added check on existing ~<userhome>/stats file. This file is moved into ~<userhome>/stats.bck.<pid> if the file exists
  • Fixed problem related to user charge for domain renewal when the renewal period is set incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug causing an exception on the "View all domains in blacklist" page in the main admin CP after reseller deletion
  • Fixed the problem with absent entry for the public_folder resource in the type_name table
  • Solved problem with logging out of reseller master admin accounts
  • Fixed problem with displaying records for deleted accounts in the Web Payments log
  • Fixed the problem with sending extra info to domain registrars
  • Resolved problem with incorrect start and end date in monthly resource change estimation
  • Fixed AWStats problem for 'stopgap' domain on dedicated IP
  • Fixed a DNS issue during domain transfer
  • Corrected the bug in reseller plan editor (wizard) templates with setting correct ComodoSSL prices
  • Fixed XML Merger issue with merging large XML files
  • Removed SARE_FRAUD_PRE25X, SARE_BML_PRE25X, SARE_WHITELIST_PRE30, SARE_REDIRECT params for SpamAssassin 1.28 version
  • Fixed problem with not loading plan values for a resource type when resource type was removed from cache
  • Fixed problem with displaying correct sums in the payment confirmation link
  • Fixed problem with prices not being set after the plan is copied
  • SpamAssassin parameter label 'Spamcheck minimal file size (Kb)' is renamed into 'Spamcheck maximum file size (Kb)'
  • Fixed problem with the DomainRegistrationRenewal cron when it stops processing renewals if the system is unable to load an account
  • Added the "notify_url" parameter to PayPal. Now our clients won't need to set this parameter in the PayPal settings.
  • Fixed validation message for ftp subaccount addition
  • Problem setting mailstore and public store quotas has been fixed
  • Problem with the empty values in the signup request has been fixed
  • Corrected suspendMailDomain and resumeMailDomain methods - added shellQuote usage for domainName param
  • Added support of ISPMailDomain in suspend/resume procedures and others. Corrected code structure.
  • Corrected params passing, added MailService. ShellQuota usage for all methods
  • Problem with changing business user password has been fixed
  • Moved TT Mail Client to Background Jobs
  • Added automatic creation of TT admin account in relation to new simplified reseller scheme
  • Solved TT admin problem with showing tickets when there's no queues defined in the system
  • Fixed a bug in Main Admin CP when tickets of a particular reseller couldn't be found
  • Fixing possible problem with invalid recovery session state after adding new content move task

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