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H-Sphere Single Server Edition 3.0 Patch 1 Release Notes

19 Oct 2006


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New Features and Improvements



  • Fixed problem related to user charge for domain renewal when the renewal period is set incorrectly.
  • Fixed getting domain info at REGISTRAR_FAILED_RENEWAL
  • Fixed Contact/Billing info fixed to change registrar settings for transfer domains
  • Fixed ISP mail domain mailobjects report
  • Fixed problem with non-addon domains in CPanel import procedure
  • Returned hspackages mode to SSE updater
  • Fixed license check: now it doesn't show disallowed pages for admin with invalid license
  • Fixed problem when auth-capture is used instead of charge methods related to rounding balance when processing 3rd-party resources like Registarar
  • Fixed problem displaying amount on the payment redirect page
  • Customers signing up for deleted or inaccessibles plan are now redirected to choose_plans page with corresponding error message.
  • Deprecated menu.properties and messages.properties, all labels are merged into one hsphere_lang.properties
  • Moved resource's description to hsphere_lang.properties
  • Added broken resource link to reports
  • Fixed the problem with getting account type in the SOAP interface
  • Added check for correct zone and IP in postsingle mode
  • Added Stand-Alone DNS cache file creation/update mode under root user
  • License check fixed not to show disallowed pages for admin with invalid license
  • Fixed setting CatchAll property for mailobject with uppercase letter in name
  • Moved SpamAssassin samsgsize param to qmail params section
  • Fix for deleting Comodo SSL feature
  • Fixed creation of TXT record for myDNS
  • Fixed problem with creating MailOnly and MySQL markup plans
  • Fixed problem with sending empty e-mail messages by Async.Manager for Completed/Canceled Async. Processes
  • Taxes to create/change resource estimation included
  • Domain aliases displayed when resouce is disabled in the plan
  • Expiration date if Comodo SSL certificate has not arrived yet isn't displayed
  • Company name validated to check 60 symbols limit
  • Dedicated Server, MS SQL, Virtual private server, ColdFusion module, PGSQL and Real Server user resources marked inaccessable in Globals

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