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H-Sphere 3.2 Features


Added with H-Sphere 3.2:

  • Introduced uniform Parallels licensing. Licenses will be automatically updated from the Parallels Key Administrator site.
  • The Hosting resource is made billable in Plan Wizard. Due to this, you can now set independent prices for domain and domain alias resources.
  • Improved transition from trial to paid hosting. Now, a user can either be charged for all resources he used during the trial period or customer's balance can be zeroed out if necessary option in plan wizard is checked by admin.
  • Payflow Pro SDK: PayPal announced EOL for v2 and v3. Support for a new PayPal Pro for SSL SDK is implemented by a separate .hsp package.

H-Sphere installation/update:

  • Updating physical boxes from CP Web interface
  • No install/update any longer available for RedHat 7.3, RedHat AS/ES/WS, FreeBSD 4.11 since 3.1 Beta 1. All H-Sphere servers under these operating systems need to be migrated to other supported OS before the update.
  • Updated the scheme of fetching box info: to speed up the process, the info on different boxes is fetched simultaneously. Now if the box is not responding for a long time, H-Sphere queries it more rarely.

Control Panel:


  • Physical Server Profiles: sets of update rules to be assigned to an individul *nix/Windows physical server or to a group of physical servers.
  • Resource Prerequisites:
    • Some resources (like SSL, FrontPage, Throttle, Ruby On Rails, etc.) can be enabled or disabled for selected logical server groups despite their availability on physical boxes. These resources are called resources with prerequisites
    • H-Sphere periodically checks resource prerequisites availablity, showing results in admin CP
    • Enabling/disabling of resources with prerequisites automatically affects end users, without a need of editing respective plans
  • Improvements in setting logical server parameters for load balanced clusters via admin CP

Web System:

Mail System:

  • Mail SMS resource: forwarding email to SMS to any number of recipients, without excessive content, with filtering sender addresses and setting the size and number of messages.
  • Autoresponder mail resource improvements:
    • On the Admin CP level:
      - autoreply is provided if SENDER originating IP corresponds to a target recipient IP or Subnet only
      - autoresponder is blocked globally if wildcard pattern engine is not enabled for specific mail resource
    • On the User CP level: identifying the list of recipients allowed to get replies on the mail resource level
  • Added cron for removing all mail relays on a chosen mail server
  • Added skipcachk and skipsachk Qmail parametres
  • Added validation for virtual mail resoures on mail relay servers. For this, provided the procedure of synchronous creation/removal of pseudo users on a mail relay server for respective mail resources of the main mail server.
  • Added sorting of mail forwads and alias subscribers on the Add/Edit mailobject page
  • Set default mailing list subscribers sort order by email.

Virtual Private Servers:

Other Unix Features:

  • Possibility to bind custom skill icon sets to a particular plan
  • New mechanism of SiteStudio user authentication: now SiteStudio is isolated from H-Sphere database, runs under the separate studio user and on a separate Tomcat server.
  • Added possibility to automatically generate registrar extra info using registrar_extra_params.xml
  • Added cron to correct expiration dates by requesting domains' status on a registrar
  • Corrected the appearance of total values representing a refund operation in invoices: added brackets to the total sum
  • ExtraPacks: packs of preset bundled resources to be offered to end users.
  • Rebuilt EasyApp package with the respective collection for H-Sphere 3.1+
  • Ruby On Rails support (requires manual installation)
  • Implemented possibility to configure FTP over SSL/TLS for shared IPs with shared SSL enabled
  • H-Sphere Jail: users are granted SSH access within their home directories, a chrooted shell environment with a set of widely used utilities and file managers:

Windows Features and Improvements

  • Implemented new model of H-Sphere Winbox installation/update: H-Sphere Windows services are installed/updated from MSI packages.
  • Introduced H-Sphere Winbox installation and update from admin CP by Update Boxes Wizard.
  • All communication between CP and H-Sphere Windows services is now performed only by SOAP protocol (port 10125). Removed all older ASP scripts for the following resources:
    • MSSQL
    • MSSQL usage loader
    • Urchin 4
    • Miva Empresa 5
    • SSL
  • Modified the AWStats resource to work with regular transfer logs for each domain, instead of creating one accumulative log file in a special awstats subdirectory
  • Changed the upload feature of the Anonymous FTP resource: when the resource is disabled, the upload subdirectory becomes inaccessible for reading and writing
  • Modified ASP.NET to avoid dynamic recompilation caused by machine.config changes
  • Removed outdated ASPSecured resource
  • Added support for Urchin 5.7
  • Implemented new Urchin CGI scheme: now the tool responsible for collecting logs for Urchin server is linked to every virtual host via virtual directory launched in terms of particular anonymous account.

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