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Upgrading H-Sphere Winboxes to 2.3.2 Patch 5


This guide instructs how to upgrade H-Sphere Windows software from 2.2 or later to 2.3.2 Patch 5.


  • Make sure you have got H-Sphere Windows software installed.
    * If you haven't got H-Sphere software installed yet, follow the instructions at: www.psoft.net/HSdocumentation/sysadmin/winbox-install.html
  • Make sure your H-Sphere Windows module has version 2.2 or later:
    Open the [Disk]:\\hsphere\scripts\Conf.inc file to see if it contains the //////PHPbb///// parameter.
    If it doesn't, your H-Sphere Windows module is older than 2.2 and needs an update to version 2.2.
  • Make sure your Control Panel has been updated to 2.3.2 Patch 1.


  1. Download H-Sphere Windows module 2.3.2 update at:
  2. Run the file you have downloaded (HSInst232P5.exe).
  3. Download Webshell3 update at:
  4. Inform support@psoft.net about the upgrade. This is required so you can get appropriate support from psoft.


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