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Recovering Winbox Quota


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Last modified: 03 Feb 2005


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

To recover Winbox quota:

  1. Download Recreation scripts in a zip archive and unpack them to a separate directory on the Winbox, for example recreation_scripts.
  2. Log into the system database and run the following DB query to select the users and their space limit:
    select unix_user.login, quotas.size_mb from unix_user, parent_child, quotas where hostid=??? and and and parent_child.child_type=4001;
    replacing ??? with the ID of the logical server you are recovering.
  3. Copy results of the query into a text file in the recreation_scripts directory and name it, for instance, quotat.txt.
  4. Enter the recreation_scripts directory and run the following command:
    Rquota.bat %1 %2 %3 %4 > quota.txt
    rem %1 - file name, e.g. quota.txt
    rem %2 - Winbox IP
    rem %3 - H-Sphere login used at Winbox installation
    rem %4 - H-Sphere password used at Winbox installation
  5. Open quota.txt and remove the first part leaving only the list of links.
  6. Run the following command:
    WGET.EXE -i quota.txt
    This will recreate quota resource on the Winbox.

Related Docs:   Recovering Winbox

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