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Last modified: 02 Aug 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

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IpMigrator Utility

The IpMigrator utility is used to add extra bindings for virtual web hosts on IIS. You can use it to run old and new IP bindings simultaneously, which can be useful in IP migrations to avoid DNS propagation downtime. IpMigrator doesn't add IPs to network interface, but only makes changes to the IIS metabase.

The IpMigrator utility needs a file containing the list of old and new IPs. This file has the following format:

<old IP1> <new IP1>
<old IP2> <new IP2>
<old IPn> <new IPn>

where each line contains the old IP and the corresponding new IP. The path to this file is passed as a command line argument, e.g.:
ipmigrator.exe ips.txt > ipmigrator.log

Note: IpMigrator inserts new bindings AFTER the corresponding old bindings in the IIS metabase. H-Sphere uses the first binding to obtain virtual web host name and IP, which means, while the old bindings exist in the bindings list, H-Sphere will manage resources with the old IP. For instance, H-Sphere will add host aliases to the old IP's. Thus it is strongly recommended to remove old IP bindings as soon as they aren't needed. You can do this with the IpChange utility.

Download IpMigrator Utility >>

IpChange Utility

The IpChange utility is used to replace IPs in virtual web hosts' bindings on IIS with a new set of IPs. This tool requires a file containing the list of old and new IPs in the same format as for the IpMigrator utility. The usage of the IpChange utility is the same: the path to file must be passed as a command line argument, e.g.:
ipchange.exe ips.txt > ipchange.log

Note: IpChange can be used to remove old IP bindings after running IpMigrator and subsequent DNS propagation downtime (see the IpMigrator note), just pass it the same file you used for IpMigrator. The old IPs will be removed without creating duplicate entries for new IPs.

Download IpChange Utility >>

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