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Winbox Directory Structure


Last modified: 22 Nov 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

H-Sphere Winbox installation creates three major directories:



HSphere directory includes the following system files:

  • bin - H-Sphere binary files
  • ftproot - new ftp root for the default FTP site;
  • logs - H-Sphere log files that can be found in the hsdir\logs directory. (hsdir is the directory where H-Sphere is installed, e.g: C:\HSphere);
  • scripts - H-Sphere asp scripts files and configuration file (;
  • skeleton - skeletons for websites and third party products;
  • stats - service directory for stats process;
  • wawrapper - service for wawrapper process.

Also the "cfg" virtual directory is created on the web site which was selected as an H-Sphere website during the installation. This directory points to the "scripts" physical directory. Note: Please don't change the "cfg" directory configuration. If any anything is changed, corresponding config parameters must be updated in the file, and H-Sphere service HSSvc must be restarted.

For proper work, H-Sphere needs several parameters listed in the H-Sphere configuration file hsdir\scripts\, such as:

  • NetBios machine name ("domainName" variable);
  • network adapter MAC address ("addressMAC" variable);
  • users' home directory ("usersHome" variable);
  • HTTP and FTP logs directory ("logPath" variable);
  • MSSQL server name, login, password, etc.

You can choose the location of HSphere directory in a corresponding step of HSinstaller wizard that you will be prompted to during the Winbox installation.
Note: when updating from version 2.5 or 3.0 to version 3.1 and up, the HSphere directory is automatically created at C:\Program Files\HSphere



In H-Sphere 2.5 and 3.0, the location of HShome directory is <drive>:\hshome.
Note: We recommend placing user content to partition different from H-Sphere directory location, for example, to E:\HShome.

In H-Sphere 3.1 +, the location of home directory depends on the type of Winbox installation:

  • fresh installation - Winbox directory is installed to the path specified in a corresponding Physical server profile. If it is not set there, H-Sphere Winbox installer will automatically create it on NTFS partition with the largest free space.
  • manual installation - Winbox directory is created at the location you specify in a corresponding step of the Winbox server installtion by means of bundles

HShome directory contains all user homes. Each home directory has account owner's name. A typical user home has the following directories:


Each domain directory has content similar to the following:


logs directory would have subdirectories for each domain: - (log files in exYYMMDDHH.log W3SVC format) - (-//-)
... - (-//-)

Note that cgi-bin is not a required directory in the site structure and depends on whether the cgi directory resource is enabled for the site. The same is true of log files for individual sites, since H-Sphere has the transfer log resource that allows users to access log files for their site(s).



HSlogfiles directory includes HTTP and FTP logs for all users. It is a common directory which is located aside from log directories in user homes. You can set a location of this directory during the H-Sphere Winbox installation. Typically, it is located in the disk root directory (<drive>:\hslogfiles) and has the following content structure:

  |-www     (HTTP logs)
  |   |--- W3SVC1 - (log files for 1 site in exYYMMDDHH.log W3SVC format)
  |   |--- W3SVC2 - (-//-)
  |   :
  |   --- W3SVCn - (-//-)
  -ftp     (FTP logs)
      |--- MSFTPSVC1 - (log files for 1 site in exYYMMDDHH.log W3SVC format)
      |--- MSFTPSVC2 - (-//-)
      --- MSFTPSVCn - (-//-)

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