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Changing VPS Solution

(since HS 3.1 Beta 1, HS VPS 2.0-0)

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Last modified: 27 Dec 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

In H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 1, you can install VPS server based on FreeVPS or OpenVZ solution. If you already have a VPS logical server based on one of the solutions, starting with H-Sphere VPS 2.0 it is possible to switch to another solution in console or from H-Sphere Control Panel:

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Changing Solution in Console

To change VPS solution from FreeVPS to OpenVZ and vice versa, use ./ script. The script takes new solution name for a particular virtual server or for all registered on the host virtual servers.

For help, run:

# hsphere-scripts/ -?

Usage: --vps=VPS_NAME|--all --soluion=SOLUTION [--help|--?|--man]

    Virtual Private Server Name

    Change solution for all registered in the host virtual servers

    New virtual private server solution. Following are available: *openvz* *freevps*

    Print the usage message

    Print the entire manual page

The VPS will work under new solution after the box is booted with  corresponding kernel.
VPS is suspended while solution is changed. It is required to resume it.

The following tasks are performed during the solution change:

  1. Virtual server config structure is changed to become compatible with and acceptable by new solution
  2. VPS virtual network is completely reconfigured. Old virtual interfaces are removed, and the new ones are created with the same IP address configuration. The old/unused virtual network configuration is completely removed.
  3. Virtual context flags are changed to be compatible with new solution.
  4. Internal virtual server services (daemon) scripts will be changed.
  5. Virtual server pre/post start/stop scripts are changed.
  • VPS is suspended during the solution change.
  • VPS will work under new solution only after the box is booted with a corresponding solution kernel, e.g. if you change VPS solution from FreeVPS into OpenVZ, you must boot the box with OpenVZ kernel.
  • Please pay attention to virtual servers which solution was not changed: they will not work until the box boots the kernel of other solutions! These virtual servers will be considered as corrupted.

Changing Solution from H-Sphere Control Panel

H-Sphere users can easily switch from FreeVPS to OpenVZ (and vice versa) solution from their Control panel. For this:

  1. Switch from one solution to another in VPS server additional options
  2. Run H-Sphere updater from CP

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