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Backing Up H-Sphere VPS Content

(HS VPS version 1.2 and up)

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Last modified: 30 Mar 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

The document describes the structure of files and directories to back up on H-Sphere VPS server.

H-Sphere backup script is not provided for backing up H-Sphere VPS server, which is a standalone server installed separately from H-Sphere. You need to back up H-Sphere VPS content manually or write your own backup script.

Back up the following files and directories on the VPS host server:

  1. The VPS host configuration file. It is common to all virtual servers:


  2. The file with the list of virtual servers. To find out its pathname, run under root:

    cat /hsphere/local/config/vserver/vps.cfg | grep VPSLIST

    By default, it is:


  3. FreeVPS configuration files (*.config) for each virtual server. They are located in the VPSCONFIGS directory:

    # cat /hsphere/local/config/vserver/vps.cfg | grep VPSCONFIGS

    By default, the VPSCONFIGS directory is:


    So, by default, FreeVPS configuration files will be /hsphere/local/config/vserver/*.config

  4. H-Sphere VPS configuration files (H-Sphere related configuration). They are located in the HSVPSFILES directory:

    # cat /hsphere/local/config/vserver/vps.cfg|grep HSVPSFILES

    By default, the HSVPSFILES directory is:


    Note: We recommend backing up H-Sphere VPS configuration files separately for each virtual server.

  5. Virtual servers' content. Virtual servers are located in the VPSHOME directory:

    # cat /hsphere/local/config/vserver/vps.cfg|grep VPSHOME

    By default, the VPSHOME directory is:


    Note: We recommend backing up each virtual server content separately.

  6. VPS templates for each supported operating system. They are located in the VPSCONFIGS/OS_TYPE directories, where OS_TYPE is:

    • RH73 for Red Hat 7.3;
    • RHAS3 for Red Hat AS 3;
    • RHES3 for Red Hat ES 3;
    • RHWS3 for Red Hat WS 3;
    • WBEL3 for White Box EL 3;
    • CentOS3 for CentOS 3.x

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