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Understanding DNS Server Configuration


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Last modified: 27 Dec 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.


General Information

H-Sphere DNS service can use either MyDNS or the bind8.x, 9.x package. If you use the Linux RedHat autoupdates, be careful not to update bind.

To disallow user zones on a particular DNS server, disable user signup for this logical server through H-Sphere web interface. This way, old customers will keep using it, and new customers won't.

Resellers can run on dedicated and shared IPs. You can disable dedicated IP hosting for resellers. Read how to configure DNS for resellers.
* As of now we don't provide support for Reverse DNS.


DNS Config Files

The main configuration file location is /etc/named.conf
It contains the following data:

options {
        directory "/hsphere/local/var/named";
        listen-on {;
        YOUR_IP_N; };
        notify-source ;
        pid-file "/hsphere/local/var/named/";

zone "." IN { type hint; file "local/"; };
zone "localhost" IN { type master; file "local/"; allow-update
{ none; }; };
zone "" IN { type master; file "local/named.local";
allow-update { none; }; };

include "zones_index.conf";
acl anyip{any;};

H-Sphere DNS Zones

The main named directory both on master and slave DNS servers is /hsphere/local/var/named/.

It contains the zones_index.conf file, the zones_(NUMBER).conf files and the zones(NUMBER) directories, where (NUMBER) = 1, 2, ... , 22
This structure contains H-Sphere DNS info and files. To find a zone, execute the following commands:
# cd /hsphere/local/var/named/
# grep "" *.conf
It will return the data which contains the zone file location. But please don't modify it manually, especially, if you don't understand what you do.

The localhost and zones files are located in the /hsphere/local/var/named/local/ directory.

Custom DNS Zones

If you need to add a custom zone, we recommend placing it into this directory. Note that H-Sphere won't manage your custom zones, you will have to manage them manually.

Reverse DNS

H-Sphere doesn't manage reverse DNS. To configure reverse DNS globally for the main H-Sphere domain, H-Sphere owner's ISP or domain registration company should accordingly configure reverse DNS for this domain on their DNS servers.

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