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Recovering Unix Hosted H-Sphere Servers

(version 2.5 and up)

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Last modified: 27 Dec 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

This document explains how to recover non-CP Linux/FreeBSD boxes on H-Sphere 2.5 and up. If you are restoring CP, see Recovering Control Panel. If you have H-Sphere 2.4.x, please refer to this document.

Important: To successfully recover a crashed server, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. you must have all user content and configuration files previously backed up;
  2. you must have the physical and logical server structure of the crashed server preserved in admin CP in the E.Manager menu.

We suggest the following recovery procedure:


Prepare Crashed Server For Recovery

  1. Prepare the server where the crashed box's services and content are to be restored, according to H-Sphere installation requirements.
  2. Make sure this "blank" server is bound to the same IP the crashed server had.
  3. Place the cpanel user's public SSH keys from the CP server to the server to be recovered so that you can connect via SSH from CP server's root to the new box without password.


Step 2. Run H-Sphere Updater

  1. Log into the CP server as root:

    $ su -l

  2. Download the update script of the H-Sphere version you were running on the crashed server. See the list of H-Sphere versions.
    If you already have an older version of the updater in the current directory, please remove or rename this file before the download.
  3. Run the updater on the directory where you have downloaded it. For example, for H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 4:

    # sh ./U25.0P4

  4. Restore the crashed server software by typing in the following command in the updater's command line prompt:

    hspackages ips=<CRASHED_SERVER_IP>

    See hspackages options.


Step 3. Run The Recovery Tool

Web, Mail, MySQL, PgSQL servers: To restore your H-Sphere physical resources (Unix users and configuration), log in as the cpanel user and run PhysicalCreator.

Note: Do not confuse the account ID with the server ID you used when generating configuration files. Account IDs could be found in the accounts table of the H-Sphere system database.

DNS server: For DNS servers, log in as the cpanel user and run DNS Creator:

java -m db


Step 4. Restore User Content

To restore data from the backup, check with the backup and recovery list for for this server. Restore listed directories from /var/backup/<ARCHIVE>.tgz or custom backup directory into the appropriate locations. More on backup recovery

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