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H-Sphere Winbox MSI Packages

(H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 2 and up)

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Last modified: 26 Aug 2008


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

In H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 2 and up, H-Sphere Winbox installation and update is performed from MSI packages each responsible for a particular functionality.


Package List

  • HsCore - core of H-Sphere Winbox service
  • HsInstaller - H-Sphere Winbox installer
  • HsGeneralHosting - provides FTP hosting services
  • HsMSSQL - H-Sphere MSSQL hosting server (requires MSSQL server installed on the box)
  • HsRSync - RSync utitity
  • HsWeb - provides H-Sphere Web resources for Windows hosting
  • HsAspNetSqlEMan - supports ASP.NET Enterprise manager
  • HsSharePoint - SharePoint hosting (requires SharePoint installed)
  • HsColdFusion - ColdFusion hosting (requires ColdFusion installed)
  • HsWebalizer - Webalizer
  • HsUrchin - integrates the Google Analytics tool (requires Urchin installed)
  • HsMiva - integrates Miva tool (requires Miva installed)
  • HsPerl - Perl
  • HsAWStats - AWStats
  • HsStats - Winbox statistics resource
  • HsPHP - PHP hosting, includes both PHP 4 and 5 version
  • HsWebShell - WebShell Web File Manager
  • HsOsCommerce - OsCommerce
  • HsPhpBB - PhpBB
  • HsEasyAppSvc - provides EasyApp service to enable installation of EasyApp collection

Package Name

Each package filename has the following notation:



  • <PACKAGE_TITLE> is the name of the package (see the list above)
  • <HS_VERSION> is H-Sphere version
  • <BUILD> is the package build
  • <TIMESTAMP> is the package build timestamp (days from 1 Jan 2000)

Example: HsGeneralHosting_3.1.126.2858.msi.


Package Download and Installation

H-Sphere MSI packages are downloaded from the location.

There can be several cases of installing these packages:

  • Automatic

    In both such cases, the first step is downloading and running the HsCore package. Installation/update of the rest of the packages is managed from the admin CP by means of the Update Wizard. The wizard runs them from the <HS_HOME>\data\services\installer folder, where <HS_HOME> is H-Sphere home location (C:\Program Files\HSphere by default):

  • Istallation of the Bundles

    Download and run the Windows server installation bundles in accordance with the hosting type:

    • Windows Web hosting: HS_WinHosting_Bundle<HS_VERSION>.exe
    • MS SQL hosting: HS_MSSQL_Bundle_<HS_VERSION>.exe
    • Windows Web + MS SQL hosting: HS_WinHosting_MSSQL_Bundle_<HS_VERSION>.exe
  • Manual

    Not recommended! You can also manually install/update H-Sphere Winbox by downloading these packages and running them one by one, according to their dependencies.


Packages Requiring Third-Party Software

HsMSSQL, HsSharePoint, HsColdFusion, HsUrchin and HsMiva integrate third-party products into H-Sphere environment and require respective software installed. Please refer to separate documents for specific guidelines on their configuring:


Package Dependencies Tree

H-Sphere Update Wizard installs the packages in the following sequence:

|-- HsInstaller
|-- HsGeneralHosting
    |-- HsRsync
    |-- HsWeb
        |-- HsAspNetSqlEMan
        |-- HsSharePoint
        |-- HsColdFusion
        |-- HsIpMigrator
        |-- HsWebalizer
        |-- HsUrchin
        |-- HsMiva
        |-- HsPerl -- HsAWStats -- HsStats
            |-- HsWebShell
            |-- HsOsCommerce
            |-- HsPhpBB
            |-- HsEasyAppSvc

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