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H-Sphere Mail Compilation


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Last modified: 27 Dec 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

H-Sphere mail system components, including Mail Service, Webmail, and IMAP can be set up either with H-Sphere or separately from sources.

This document provides you with general guidelines on how to compile and install/upgrade H-Sphere mail from sources.

This document aims at advanced system administrators so that they can recompile standard H-Sphere mail packages by applying custom settings and improvements. It is not an alternative to standard H-Sphere mail installation, upgrades and fixes!


Installer Description

H-Sphere mail tarball (hsphere-mail2-all-x) has the following structure:

   |-- config (this directory has configuration files for all included software)
   |-- startup (this directory has mail startup scripts for different operating systems)
   |-- src (this directory has the patches applied to mail software;
   |    |    this is also where the tarballs will be downloaded.)
   |    |
   |    |-- LIST (this file lists the tarballs that will be downloaded)
   |-- install (installation script, must be run after the download script)
   |-- download (download script, downloads the tarballs to be installed)

Note: the config and startup directories are not installed during the installation/upgrade procedure! Files in these directories need to be manually re-configured and placed to corresponding locations on your server.



Prior to the mail system installation/upgrade, make sure the following packages are installed:


  • hsphere-daemontools-0.76-1 - independent package built on the basis of DJB daemontools and should installed with hsphere-mail2-all-5 and up. It includes the supervise utility that starts and monitors spamd and clamd to ensure their reliable work.
  • mysql - from now on, each mail server requires its own MySQL database to store antispam/antivirus data. Normally, MySQL 4.x is used with HS 2.4 and up. However, if your system is configured with MySQL 3.x, you should customize your H-Sphere mail installation/upgrade with compatible packages.


  • mysql - the same requirements as for hsphere-mail2.
  • aspell - spellchecker.


  • expect - this package adds possibility of changing passwords via Webmail applications.
    Warning: Changing passwords via Webmail apps may cause inconsistencies in the H-Sphere system database!


Mail Bundles Installation from Sources

To install or update the mail system separately from H-Sphere:

  1. Log into the mail server as root.
  2. Download the .tgz archive with source files for mail packages (choose the version you wish):
  3. Untar and enter the installer directory.
  4. Run the download file. It will download the installation tarballs into the src directory.
  5. At this point you can make necessary changes.
    If you are updating SpamAssassin or ClamAV:
    1) download tarballs of the newer version the src/ directory;
    2) edit package version in the corresponding file of the install/ directory.
    Make sure that the format of the clamav.conf, freshclamav.conf, and files hasn't changed in the newer version.
  6. Run the install file. It will configure, compile, and install mail software. Please carefully follow on-screen messages to ensure that your changes don't cause any compilation failures. For instance, we apply our own patch to SpamAssassin, and you need to ensure that it works with the version you are setting up. If you are updating ClamAV, check that Clamdmail gets compiled without errors.

Related Docs:   Introduction to H-Sphere Mail

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