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hsphere-update Package

(2.5 Beta 2 and up)

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Last modified: 16 Nov 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

hsphere-update package is installed on each H-Sphere box and contains H-Sphere updater that runs the upackages script on the CP box which in its turn updates H-Sphere packages on each box to their latest version.

upackages Syntax

upackages [ -h ] [ -i ] [ -f ] [ -s ] [ -v version ] [ -V ] [ -e show|add:pattern,...|del:pattern,...|del:all ] [ -p ] [ -w ] [ -m ] [ -j ] [-P] [-r ] [ -u ] [ -P ] [ -n ] [ -M ] [ -S ] [ -R ] [ -N ] [ -I ] [ -o ]


-h - help information.
-i - ignore md5 sum of the downloaded packages, only warning.
-f - force mode, update packages by force, when md5 sum of the installed hsphere package differs from downloaded package.
-s - update only packages change, which takes place in the hsphere subversion according to corresponding version.
-v version, format U[version]/U[subversion]. If not specified, /hsphere/shared/etc/hsversion file is checked.
-V - verbose mode
-e - [show|add:pattern1,pattern2,...|del:pattern1,pattern2,...|del:all] - show, set or delete list of the package patterns, which must be skipped during update on all or specific list of HS boxes. Note: Use this carefully, as HS packages are connected with HS version. This may be used if you have customized version of the specific HS package or if you update system packages, like MySQL server, via native OS package manager,etc.. For example:

hspackages exclude=add:mysql-server ips=
-p - PostgreSQL update (for new HS box this is done by default)
-w - Site Studio update
-m - MyDNS service is used instead of Bind 9.3.x, Update of the bind will be skipped.
-j - required during IP migration
-r - package update strictly according to package list (by default update of packages with higher version skipped)
-t [php,httpd,ftpd,mysql,pgsql,cphttpd,named] - place custom templates in the required location for futher editting
-P - private update (for testing purpose).
-u - Source URL for packages download redefinition.
-n - Skip restart of postgres and httpdcp at the end of update.
-M - update modes (presingle, hspresingle, postsingle, hspostsingle, cpinstall, hsupdate, postgres, sitestudio, update, ipmigration, deploy) :
  • presingle - single server package mode;
  • hspresingle - 'presingle' mode, except sitestudio installation;
  • postsingle - single server deploy mode;
  • hspostsingle - 'postsingle' mode, except sitestudio postconf;
  • cpinstall - control panel preinstall procedure;
  • update - full update (all packages update);
  • hsupdate - 'update' mode, except sitestudio update;
  • postgres - postgres update;
  • sitestudio - sitestudio update;
  • ipmigration - reconfiguring IP dependent information;
  • deploy - deploy mode (general box post-reconfiguration);
-S - slave installation/update mode - provides installation/update of web or mail slave box.
-R mask1[,mask2,...] - revert mode, provides downgrade of a set of packages with mask1[,mask2,...]
-N - this option allows to force install/update for the deprecated OS/soft listed in, if possible.
-I - this option allows to get exclude package list from stdin (used in HS 3.1 for different update profile configuration in CP interface). Retrieved package list is merged with pre-configured exclude package list.
-o - skips pre-configured exclude package list during update.

For instance, install packages for H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 6 with md5 sum of the downloaded files ignored:

upackages -i -v U25.0/U25.0P6

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