Parallels H-Sphere Documentation System Administrator Guide


The cpanel User


Last modified: 18 Jan 2005


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

H-Sphere control panel runs under the cpanel user on the CP server. You need to log in as cpanel to perform many administrative tasks, such as CP configuration, customization, access the system databse, running console H-Sphere java tools, and many others.

Under cpanel, H-Sphere control panel communicates with other H-Sphere boxes via SSH.

To log in as the cpanel user:

  1. Log in as root first:
    $ su -
  2. Log in as the cpanel user:
    # su -l cpanel

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