Creating Web Payment Processor Package

To create an H-Sphere package file (.hsp):

  1. Unpack Web Payment Processor SDK into the webpayment-sdk directory.
  2. Modify Deployment Descriptor (webpayment-sdk/processor/main.xml)
  3. Go to the webpayment-sdk directory and run ant stub. SDK will generate a java class in the webpayment-sdk/processor/src directory.
  4. Write the implementation of the generated java class. See Implementing Web Payment Processors for details.
  5. Once your java source is ready, go to the webpayment-sdk directory and run the "ant compile" command. SDK will compile your java class into the webpayment-sdk/processor/build/ directory.
  6. Create language files for your web payment processor and place them into the lang-files/ directory
  7. Run the "ant package" command. SDK will create all templates and package files for your gateway in the webpayment-sdk/[YourWebProcessorName]/package_name-version-build.hsp bundle.

    If you run "ant" command without any arguments, SDK will compile all classes. At the end, you should see the package_name-version-build.hsp file in the Web Payment Processor SDK base directory. The build number will be automatically incremented after each build. You can reset it by modifying the build.number file.