H*Sphere 2.0 - Resourcetree.
Transfer Log
Same as access log. Tracks all events and their details and writes logs to files in user's logs directory. Adding this resource will add a 'rotating' script - a script that deletes the oldest log file and opens a new one for writing. The folder holds records for 7 log periods in 7 log files. One log period equals 24 hours or 86400 seconds, however this default can be changed in plan's settings.

All records to transfer log include the following information:
  • Remote host IP (i.e. visitor's IP);
  • Time of request (i.e. when user requested the page);
  • First line of request;
  • Error generated by request, if any;
  • Size of message sent in responce to the request;
  • Referrer (i.e. from which page visitor was directed);
  • Agent ID (i.e. type of browser or another agent and related information, such as user's OS, etc.)

Used in:
Hosting plans

Platform dependence:
Available only in Unix-based hosting

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