H*Sphere 2.0 - Resourcetree.
Summary Traffic
Monitors overall account's traffic in GB and calculates recurrent and usage fees based on the overall traffic price set in this resource. If you want to set a higher price for any specific type of traffic, you must set this difference in the type-specific traffic resource. For example, if you want to charge $1 per 1GB for anonymous FTP traffic and keep all other kinds of traffic free, you should set $0 per GB in the Summary Traffic resource and $1 per GB in the FTP Traffic resource. Or if you don't want to differenciate between the types of traffic, you just set your price for summary traffic and don't set any prices in type-specific traffic resources.
Traffic is always tracked in gigabytes, but can be shown either in megabytes - if the traffic is below 1 GB - or in gigabytes - if the traffic equals or exceeds 1 GB.

Used in:
Hosting plans

Platform dependence:
Platform independent

Billing Peculiarities:
The setup fee is charged every time the summary traffic limit is changed, therefore, it is recommended to set the setup price to zero.

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