H*Sphere 2.0 - Resourcetree.
Allows to host resellers similarly to other system users and enables resellers to provide hosting services just like the parent hosting company. Each reseller gets a private label hosting system with a control panel as customizable as that of the parent hosting company and a possibility to use an own cp URL. The reseller control panel is inaccessible by the IP, which excludes accidental or intentional visits to the hosting company's control panel.

Resellers' customers are automatically distributed across the servers of the parent hosting company where other accounts are also located.

Resellers can make their own plans, thus creating independent "virtual" hosting environment. In this way, they resell not plans, but rather the disk space, traffic, mailboxes, etc... as "resources". The parent hosting company manages resellers' activities through 'Reseller Supervisor' resource.




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Reseller plans

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Platform independent

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