H*Sphere 2.0 - Resourcetree.
Real User
Allows to register and connect to the Real Media Server that is running on the RealServer box. Stores the minimum and maximum number of connections to the user.

Used in:
Hosting plans

Platform dependence:
Platform independent

Billing Peculiarities:
In this resource user is charged for the maximum simultaneous connections, i.e. how many visitors can access user's RealServer account at the same time.
The setup fee is charged on the add/delete basis, therefore it is recommended to set the setup price to zero, unless you intend to charge users every time they change their maximum connections limit.
The usage and recurrent fees are measured in $/extra_connection and are charged for the same units. Consider the following example. You set up free units to 1, usage fee to $1 and recurrent fee to $1. A user sets the limit to 10 connections. At the beginning of the billing period the user will be charged ($1 X 9 extra_connections) $9; the same amount will be charged at the end of the billing period. Total charges will equal $18 for one billing period.

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