Creating New Registrar Package

To create H-Sphere package file (.hsp):

  1. Unpack Registrar SDK into the Registrar SDK home directory.
  2. Create impl directory, and copy the contents of the example directory into it. Make further changes only in the impl directory.
  3. Modify Deployment Descriptor.
  4. Go to the Registrar SDK directory and run ant stub. It will generate a java class in the impl/src/ directory.
  5. Implement all methods in the generated java class according to your registrar developer documentation. For details, see Implementing Registrar.
  6. Compile the class by running ant compile in the Registrar SDK directory. It will be compiled into the registrar-sdk/impl/build/ directory.
  7. Create language files and place them in the lang-files/ directory.
  8. Edit etc/1.entity
  9. Execute ant in the Registrar SDK base directory to build the .hsp package. The build process will compile the classes. If successful, it will run junit tests. If the tests complete successfully, it will start building the package. In the end you will have package_name-version-build.hsp in the dist/ directory.
    The build number will be automatically incremented after each build. You can reset it by editing the build.number file.
    To skip jUnit tests, type ant package instead of ant.