Directory & File Structure

H-Sphere Registrar SDK comes with following directories & files:

docs/documentation for Registrar SDK
example/directory with example file structure. It will contain examples of entity and test files are as well as Deployment Descriptor and language files
sdk-lib/includes RegistrarSDK.jar as well as supporting jar files
build.xmldefault ant build.xml file, in most cases it will not require any changes
log4j.propertiesLog4j property file to control level of logging
hs-lib/This symbolic link can be manually setup to point to h-sphere java_rt directory with h-sphere jar files, if they are needed. To create the link execute ln -s /path/to/java_rt hs-lib
hs-classes/This symblic link can be manually setup to point to h-sphere classes directory, if they are needed. To create the link execute ln -s /path/to/h-sphere/classes hs-classes

To create new registrar, create directory impl inside the registrar-sdk directory, following directories and files need to be defined inside of that directory

build/directory for the class files generated by compiling your java files - automatically created
etc/directory where entity and test files are. It contains sample 1.entity file as well as test-data.txt file - you can copy it from registrar-sdk directory
lang-files/directory for the language files
lib/directory to place all extra jar files needed by your registrar
src/directory to place all the java files you will develop for your new registrar
main.xmldeployment descriptor for the registrar. It has to be altered as described in Deployment Descriptor manual
build.numberTracks build number - automatically generated

Additionally on generating H-Sphere package, package_name/ directory will be created (with all the files for the package), as well as package_name-version-build.hsp file. Thats the distributable H-Sphere package that can be installed as add on to any H-Sphere 2.4+ installation. For the more info on defining package name, version & build number, see Deployment Descriptor