Uses of Interface

Uses of CreditCard in psoft.epayment

Methods in psoft.epayment with parameters of type CreditCard
 java.util.HashMap GenericMerchantGateway.checkCC(long acctid, CreditCard cc)
          This method should be overridden for gateways that support CVV validation to check CVV value immediately after the credit card info is passed to the hsphere database
 java.util.HashMap GenericMerchantGateway.checkCCCVV(long acctid, CreditCard cc)
          This method can be used in the checkCC(...) method implementation for merchant gateways that support CVV validation.
abstract  java.util.HashMap GenericMerchantGateway.charge(long id, java.lang.String description, double amount, CreditCard cc)
          Immediately verifies and charges the credit card.
abstract  java.util.HashMap GenericMerchantGateway.authorize(long id, java.lang.String description, double amount, CreditCard cc)
          Verifies that the credit card is valid and has enough balance for the transaction and sets aside the required amount.
abstract  java.util.HashMap GenericMerchantGateway.capture(long id, java.lang.String description, java.util.HashMap data, CreditCard cc)
          Charges the set-aside amount to the credit card.
abstract  java.util.HashMap GenericMerchantGateway.voidAuthorize(long id, java.lang.String description, java.util.HashMap data, CreditCard cc)
          Cancels the transaction that has not yet been settled.

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