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Resource Prerequisites

(version 3.1 Beta 1 and higher)

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Last modified: 26 Dec 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 1 introduces a new feature - Resource Prerequisites that implies the following:

  1. Some resources can be enabled/disabled for selected logical server groups despite their availability on physical boxes.

    Resources like:

    • SSL, Throttle, Frontpage and RubyOnRail for Unix web boxes
    • PHP, Urchin, Miva, Miva Empresa and ColdFusion for Windows web boxes
    • VPS templates and VPS context RSS limit for VPS boxes

    can be enabled or disabled on the level of logical server groups, no matter if they are installed on physical servers or not.

    1. Go E. Manager -> Servers -> Server Groups and click Edit for web server, win server or vps server group:
    2. Enable/disable services for plans under this logical server group:
      for web servers group:
      for win servers group:
      for virtual servers group:
    3. Click Submit.

    Users who sign up to plans hosted on such server groups will have these resources enabled or disabled.

  2. Periodical availability checks for resources with prerequisites.

    A special CP cron periodically polls physical servers to check whether resources with prerequisites are installed on physical boxes. If some of them are not available, the ! mark appears near the corresponding logical server name. Go E. Manager -> Servers -> L.Servers and hover mouse over ! to see which resources are not installed physically:

    Also, it is possible to see which resources with prerequisites are installed on physical boxes via the Physical Servers menu in administrator interface:

    1. Go E. Manager -> Servers -> P.Servers
    2. Click the magnifier icon near a physical server:
    3. On the page that appears click Installed Services.

      Note: For Unix boxes, you will get a page with installed resources with prerequisites only. For Windows boxes, the page will show all installed resources.

  3. Enabling/disabling of resources automatically affects end users, without a need of editing respective plans.

    You can enable resources with prerequisites when creating or editing a plan, no matter if these resources are installed or not installed on physical boxes. If a service is absent on physical box, users will see a red exclamation mark in their control panels near the service. If they hover mouse over the mark, a note like this appears:

    Then, after you installed missing services later, you don't need to go back to Plan Wizard to enable them in the plan. If they were already enabled in the server group configuration, users will automatically obtain them in their control panels.

    In plan edit wizards, resources which were disabled in server group configuration have a note like this:

    You can choose a different logical server group with a different set of prerequisites right in plan edit wizards. To do this:

    1. Enter a plan edit wizard, scroll to the Web services section and click the control in blue oval in the Logical Server Group field:
      For Virtual Private Server plans, find the Logical Server Group field right below the plan title:
    2. Choose another group and click Apply. H-Sphere will update this wizard page with the status of resources with prerequisites for the chosen group.

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