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Disabling Global Resources, Hosting Platforms And Reseller CP SSL


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Last modified: 24 Dec 2007


WARNING: This documentation covers Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official Parallels site.

Global resources are those that have effect on the entire system. By default, they are all enabled in the system. Disabling global resources will make them unavailable for use by all new customers under all your plans, including your first hand customers, resellers and their end users. However, it won't affect existing users who have been using these resources.

If you are looking to restrict resources only for a particular plan, use Plan Wizards.

To disable global resources:

  1. Log into your Admin CP.
  2. Go to Plans -> Globals.
  3. On the page that shows, uncheck the resources you want to be entirely disabled:

    Note 1:  These resources will appear as disabled in resellers Plan Creation Wizards and will be unavailable for activation.

  4. Note 2:  Disabling Email Auto responder available in H-Sphere 3.0 +.

    You can disable the following resources since H-Sphere 3.0 and higher:

    • ASPSecured - since HS 3.0 +
    • ASPSecuredLicense - since HS 3.0 +
    • Frontpage for Unix Plans - since HS 3.0 +
    • Frontpage for Windows Plans - since HS 3.0 +
    • Catch All for e-mail objects - since HS 3.0 Patch 4 +
    • Throttle Resource - since HS 3.0 Patch 4 +

    In the same way disable hosting platforms, enable dedicated servers, disable reseller CP SSL and CP designs, as well as choose the type of IPs for reseller DNS servers:

    - Enable Dedicated DNS Reseller IP to allow both service and dedicated IPs for reseller DNS;
    - Use the service IP for Reseller DNS servers to disable dedicated IPs and host all resellers on one IP only.
    You can't disable service IP hosting for the entire system.

  5. Click Submit Query.

Related Docs:   Understanding Resellers Global Resources And Resource Dependencies (Developer Giude)

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